Jai Yoga is a dynamic vinyasa yoga practice influenced by Ashtanga, JivaMukti, and Prana Vinyasa. The class emphasizes Ujjai breath, and a meditative mind, for a powerful physical practice with restorative qualities. Each class contains a brief dharma discussion, Ohm, and optional chanting,  sun salutes, and asanas paired with a continuous flow of vinyasa. The classes move at a medium to swift pace from one pose to the next while the teacher gives alignment cues and hands on adjustments to keep you engaged and gaining maximum benefits.  In our more advanced classes we incorporate a peak pose that can include arm balances binds or deep back bends or joint openers. In our more basic level classes we emphasize a steady moderate level with options for increasing or modifying postures to each individuals'  needs.


At Jai we use energetic alignment principles. The teacher helps draw practitioners into alignment, by expanding the inner channel of prana and letting that internal flow shift the external shape of the body. This brings an authentic quality to the practice which shows up in people's lives off the mat as well as in class. Students find an increase in self expression and confidence as their inner world begins to shape their outer life experience from a place of "Stirah Sukham" which means steady and joyful rather than an idea of "better or worse." this leaves room for all people to find their unique expression rather than trying to pigeon hole people into a certain shape. 


At Jai we always remember the yogic principle of Satsang which literally means "In the company of the True." The point of the practice is to bring strength, flexibility and love to your relationship with yourself, your family, friends, co-workers and world. This does not mean becoming passively peaceful. It means living positively, truthfully, open, and free. 

Too often teachers and practitioners get lost in the details of practice that spiral inward on the practice itself. While investigating “how” to practice is important, it is equally important to never lose site of the "why."  At Jai we never forget that we practice to live, not live to practice. While practicing is so uplifting we look forward to it, and make it an integral part of our lives. It never eludes us that the benefits should show up in “life” not just in a pretty posture. 

The results of the Jai practice are only measured by the increase in happy, authentic, productive, fun and loving  life. Often, that means that the people who come together to practice in the Jai system, find friendships with their classmates. But just as often, students report increased wellness in the relationships outside of our studio, or retreat centers. From work to home life, the goal of practicing Jai Yoga is to better our connection with people.